A hat makes sense for you…why not Fido too?

 Providing your dog protection from those hot days has just gotten extremely easier.

K-9 Kool Hats is the only hat for your dog that, not only looks good, but actually assists in keeping your dog cool.

If you want to protect your dog’s eyes AND provide cooling when you decide to take man’s best friend out for the day then K-9 Kool Hats has the answer.  That’s because K-9 Kool Hats does both. The materials used in the construction of each and every K-9 Kool Hat allow you to wet the hat before securing it on your dogs head.


With this unique design, your dog will not only wear a hat, they’ll enjoy it.  Why??…because they’ll stay cooler and get to stay out is the sun longer, making your dog a very happy pup.

If you’re still a bit unsure about your dog’s ability to wear a hat, don’t worry…we get that a lot.  We have been designing and selling this head wear for dogs for over 28 years with well over 100,000 satisfied dogs (and pet owners), so we’re confident your dog will love a K-9 Kool Hat too.  Still…if you want to be sure then check our Frequently Asked Questions Page to put you mind at ease. Or check out our customer testimonials below the video!

Take a stroll through our wonderful cooling yet stylish K-9 Kool Hats product store.  And check out our K-9 Kowboy Hats as well!


All our hats are handmade by family, here in the USA. We do not import or buy and sell.

If you would like for information regarding our products design and crafting then visit our About Page.

Just a few of our many testimonials.  Have a peek.

Here’s what our customers have to say.
Got the three hats today (flames, bandana, and butterfly for my Papillons)… They’re great! Excellent fit! Beautiful fabric/patterns! Wonderful product! Love the way they mold to their little heads! Thanks a bunch! Milli & Tom Herrschaft
The cowboy hats came today and we are delighted! Thanks for the speedy delivery and the great product. You’ll be hearing from us again! Kathie & Henry Johnson
We love our hat!!! Thank you. It fits him so well. He fussed a bit in the beginning. However, he receives so many complements, now it is quite accepted. You will be hearing from numerous friends and fans… Sincerely, Sarah
Just wanted to let you know I received Charlie’s hat in the mail yesterday and laughed until I cried when he had it on. I love it! It was such a hit, I’ll be ordering one for my mom’s dog & boyfriend’s dog, too. Thanks again, Halley
Hello, Received the hat yesterday. Thanks for the fast service. I love them because they stay on and are so easy to put on my dog. He loves them because when I get his hat out he can’t wait to put it on because it can only mean one thing. I’m going for a walk! Thanks again, Vickie Campbell
I received my dog hat (visor) this morning. Thanks for sending it so quickly. It is the cutest. I can’t wait to get home and try it on my little boy Jack. Thank you so much, Rosie Elmore

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