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For 20 years now, we have designed and hand-made our hats concentrating on its functions and, most of all, its comfortability.. Starting with fine cotton fabrics, plastic brims, quality binding and Velcro closures, molds were then designed to cut them into six standard sizes (accommodating all breeds). We then precisely measured pieces to create a fine fitting and fine looking “topper”. Not only do they look great on the dogs, but for further function, we also insert a foam piece in the top of the hat and provide a terry-cloth backing so that on those hot days the hat can be wet down to provide additional KOOLING (it actually sits on the head like a wet towel). The plastic brim assures no harm to the hat, when wet.

We’ve limited our styles to the only two that we found can be worn comfortably: the cowboy and baseball hat style. As a result, they fit on all breeds, secured in place by a convenient Velcro strap.



dogsonrocksKOOL (customer) SERVICE

I am the grateful business owner and originator of K-9 Kool Hats. In my gratitude, whether at a show or here online, I am completely dedicated to my customer service. You are appreciated and treated as such.

I don’t add extra costs (handling fee) or overcharge for shipping . That’s insulting.

I respect and appreciate every customer order that I receive and personally oversee it’s fulfillment and mailing. I strive for exceptional service including the mailing within 24 hours of receipt.

We ship anywhere and can hat any size dog. And don’t you worry about figuring the right size..that’s my job! And just by the breed and weight and my experience, I will know the appropriate size to send.

Where else will you find someone with twenty years of experience in making, fitting, selling and handling online orders for K-9 Hats? I sincerely hope you will join the list of happy customers and my list of appreciation.

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  1. Wendy Zea says:

    I bought a hat from you last year. You cannot imagine how many people at the dog park asked me where I bought it. Most of the time I do not remember where. It will be nice to include a sew in label with the website address.

  2. Susan Tyndal says:

    Just want to say how much I appreciate your hats. My lab wore one, my rat terrier wore one. When we were out quading those hats were a life saver. I now have a small chi/rat and am excited to see what a tiny one looks like. I know she will be happy to get one. She rides in a basket on the front of my cruiser bicycle and her head really gets hot. Our rides are usually 30 mile days. I was surprised to see you still had your business. I ordered those 2 other hats many many years ago. Both pets deceased now. Thank you for such a great product.

  3. Naomi says:

    Great seeing you in Prescott yesterday! I cannot tell you how many compliments my dog Swan gets on her cowboy and baseball hat. Sometimes she even wears her baseball cap backwards and everyone think it’s a riot. LOVE your hats.

  4. Jeanie Klemm says:

    We bought our first kowboy hat many years ago at an event in San Diego. Since then we’ve ordered two more. Now we are ready for our fourth and fifth. These hats are like potato chips. You can’t have just one. They look so cute on our mini Dachshunds and we get so many compliments. Our dogs certainly are the best dressed in the west in their K-9 Kowboy hats. Thanks for a great product.

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