Fitting & Sizing

A K-9 Kool Hat or Kowboy hat is uniquely designed to fit any dog of any breed or size. We have created 5 sizes to make sure each and every dog never has to go hatless. So what size do you choose? WE HAVE 5 DIFFERENT SIZES TO ACCOMMODATE YOUR PET – We, primarily, base our sizes on your dogs weight.
  • Petite:
    Typically 1-7 pounds. Very small headed toy breeds Most Chihuahuas under 10 pounds

  • Small:
    Typically 8-20 pounds (poodle, doxie, schnauzer, Yorkie Shih Tzu 7-15 pounds, JRT

  • Medium:
    Typically 20-45 pounds
    Beagle, Cocker, ShihTzu >15lbs Westie, King Chas, Fr Bulldog

  • Large:
    Labs, Golden,Shepherd, most Pit Bulls Std Poodle, Dobie,Springer,Aussie

  • X-Large:
    Over 85 pounds especially with Block Head
    Rottweiler, Eng Lab, Mastiff, Gr Dane, Newfie

Please use this guide when ordering your dogs new K-9 Kool Hat. We also use the breed of your dog as well.  So what does this mean? When you order just include the breed and weight of your dog and we send you the correct size. Pretty simple wouldn’t you say? We’ve limited our styles to the only two that we found can be worn comfortably: the cowboy and baseball hat style. As a result, they fit on all breeds, secured in place by a convenient Velcro strap. When you place your order just put the weight and breed of your dog in the description box.  If you feel you need to give us a better explanation because you own a special breed (mixture of the finest breeds) then call us. Yup…give us a call and we will be happy to hear all about your dog’s uniquely shaped head.

My dog will not wear a hat, they’ll knock it off or paw it off or something!

Well…not a K-9 Kool Hat. If you are concerned about that please go to our Frequently Asked Questions Page for all the details.

Kool videos of dogs wearing hats.

We have added these videos below so you can see how easily they secure to your dog’s head, and so you can see how much dogs love to wear hats.

Are you ready to get your Kool Hat?

You’ll be giving your dog a gift of longer walks in the sun without the sunlight in their eyes and the shade our K-9 Kool Hats provide, makes your pet one happy puppy.