Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why don’t you make other styles of hats or clothing?

Because it would violate our comfortability pledge. We make our hats for a reason, and we want them to be comfortable for your dog so they will wear it. If we veered into the costume hat or clothing, I am afraid that would no longer be the case. We have limited our work to two comfortable and practical hats and our duration in doing so is testimony to that. 28 years of helping the hatless dog!

My dog would never wear it...would he?

Not true…In designing our hats 25 years ago, our number one objective was comfort and wearability. Our hats are handmade allowing precise cutting to avoid common distractions to the dogs:

  • No tactile distraction…….hats don’t touch the ears
  • No visual distraction……. You dog won’t see the hat
  • No movement distraction……Hats do not move once secured on the head.
  • No weight distraction…..Hats are extremely lightweight
  • No material distraction….Only our soft terry cloth is touching the dog’s head

My dog hated his Halloween costume, raincoat, santa hat, devil’s ears etc

There is just no comparison to the care we put in making our hats, and to other items you might want your dog to wear. Please refer back to #1 above to why they don’t mind wearing our hats.

My dog’s head is too big (or small)

We make a size to fit a 200 pounder or a 2 pounder. We want no dog unhatted.

Do I have to start my dog as a puppy to wear the hat?

You do not have to start your dog as a puppy to wear our hats . A dog will accept the hat comfortably at any stage of his life. Again, there really isn’t anything to have to get used to.

Do I have to train my dog to wear the hat?

No you do not. A dog will accept the hat comfortably once you place the hat on their head. There really is nothing to have to get used to.

Will you ever make sunglasses for dogs?

Because sunglasses have a hard plastic lens cover, and are in the dogs’ line of vision, we do not find a majority of dogs accepting them. Besides, being more comfy, our hats do more for the dog than glasses..they shade the whole face, they shade the top of the head, AND they can be wetted down for additional cooling.

How will I know the size?

Our experience has made this easy . Simply give us the breed and or weight of the dog, this will guide us to getting you the correct size.

Will my dog will shake it off or paw it off?

The design of our hats ensure they will not come off until you undo the Velcro strap comfortably holding it on.

Won't my dog eat it?

The hats are secure on top of the head with no ability for your dog’s mouth to reach the hat.


Are you ready to get your Kool Hat?

You’ll be giving your dog a gift of longer walks in the sun without the sunlight in their eyes and the shade our K-9 Kool Hats provide makes your pet on happy puppy.