Special Events & Shows

Many of you have seen me exhibiting my hats at numerous art/craft shows across the West. Not only on display are the many hats, but also the bonding I have with my ‘employees’. Yes, those hard working models are my dogs and my constant inspiration for the hats . I have been blessed with numerous dogs over the last twenty years, and every one of them was very happily employed .
Positioned comfortably atop a cushioned table inside our exhibitors booth, their personalities flourish in their work environment. In the twenty years and hundreds of shows that they have participated in, they left little doubt to their understanding of the “modeling” work. What was clearly displayed was their natural happiness from a wonderful life and devoted pack leader. Their calm and professional manner while on the job was a wonderful testament to the quality of our years as a ‘pack’ together. They somehow knew that this wasn’t just about selling a great hat…but it was a display of what is possible when an extreme bonding takes place between animal and their human connection.
The ones that have left me are missed to a degree that only that one surviving pack-leader, can know.They have developed quite a following over the years by the contentment they display while modeling the hats in the booth. I want every viewer to know that their demeanor is the result of a loving pack and devoted pack leader; where happiness and contentment go hand in hand. For those of you who see and understand that, I am most appreciative of your words.

K9 Kool Hats – Special Events

After 25 years of exhibiting my work at various festivals across the West, I have curtailed my shows to just a chosen few. Yep… My wonderful working 4 legged models made all there sales goals over the years and are now enjoying the funded retirement of a top corporate employee. Oh what a magnificent ride it has been. From our peak of over 40 shows a year when our work first hit the shows in the late 1980s, we are now looking to concentrate our efforts online and a few shows that we can work into our reduced schedule. There is no way to thank all of you that have been so kind to me and my dogs during the exhibiting. Your purchase of hats, kindness to my employees and faithfulness of showing up each year, has added so much to me knowing that I have the best job in the world. I so thank you all.
I will continue to put my efforts in making the highest quality and most practical K-9 Hat available and simply shift my emphasis to online sales, getting every internet order out within 24 hours of receiving it. K-9 Kool Hats has been my blessing , creation and love for 27 years now. I will never relax my standards as long as K-9 Kool Hats are being made. Our hats are 100% made here in the USA, starting with me in AZ and finishing with my niece doing the dedicated seamstress work in Utah. We have been a family operation from the start and I will never compromise customer service when our name is on the work .
I hope to still see you at the few shows where I will again exhibit ( those shows will be posted). And absolutely,my dogs will be with me!!! I’ll see you then and in the meantime, please know that I will get you the absolute correct size and official K-9 Kool Hat right here from our website.
God Bless you all… And you know what GOD spelled backwards is, don’t you?
Donn Moseley

upcoming shows and events

Here is our Calendar of events for the upcoming year.  We may end up in your neck of the woods.

April 9-11Great FairFountain Hills AZ
May 29-31Off Street FestPrescott AZ
June 12-13Territory DaysPrescott AZ
July 3-5Frontier DaysPrescott AZ
Sept 4-6Faire on the SquarePrescott AZ
Oct 2-3Fall FestPrescott AZ
Nov 6-7Litchfield Art/WineLitchfield Park AZ
Nov 12-14Great FairFountain Hills AZ

Are you ready to get your Kool Hat?

You’ll be giving your dog a gift of longer walks in the sun without the sunlight in their eyes and the shade our K-9 Kool Hats provide makes your pet on happy puppy.